Another link shortener you ask? Because speed is important, and most other shorteners have limited datacenter locations and run on Private servers. HOPLA Links run on the Cloudflare Edge Network, meaning it runs distributed over data centers in 206+ cities, and is completely serverless. This means that the speed of your redirect is much less dependent on the distance between your visitor, your redirect provider their physical servers, and your own server.. Because If You Spent A Ton Of Time And Money To Optimize Your Website Loading Times, You Really Shouldn’t Be Using A Url Shortener that slows you down, Right?


Once We Were The Fastest, We Also Added Features That Others Didn’t Offer, let us know if anything is missing!

Check & Follow Links

No more broken links and long redirect chains, we clean your links automatically.

Emoticons in Short URLs

Make you Short URLs more Clickable! Emoticons are proven to be more clickable!

Private Statistics

Push Statistics to your Google Analytics, Segment.io or Webhook. We don’t store them.


Use both HTTP or HTTPS without additional re-directs. Speed up your redirects!

Meta Redirects

Load any promotional page, before forwarding to Long URL. And pixel your visitors for retargeting!

Custom Slugs

use any available slug for your links. make your links Recognizable, without limits!

RSS & XML Feed

List all your Links to consume in third party software. Perfect for social media automation.

Parameter Forwarding

Short URL parameters are added to Long URL. Allows for dynamic UTMs with a single Short URL


Collaborate on links with unlimited Team members, and even clients and other non-users

Editable Links

Update existing link destination, type or parameters. no need to create a new link.

Custom Social Previews

Add a title, image & description for social sharing. Make previews stand out.

API Access

Programmatically create your Short URL’s. Integrate with your tools, we support existing integrations.

301, 302 or 307 Redirects

Choose the redirect type that fits your preference. We don’s choose for you.

UTM Builder

The most advanced (Team) UTM Builder in the World! Oh boy, you will never wanna go back 😉

Unlimited Clicks & Stats

No limit to links & clicks you can receive. Stats included! We hate limits.

iFrame Redirects

Load other pages under your Short URL & inject anything with Google Tag manager!

Private Click Data

We DO NOT Monetize your Business’s Click Statistics. First Freemium wITH Privacy!

QR Codes

automatically create QR codes of your Short URLs with logo! Go with the trend!

Go and give it a try on hopla.to and let us know what you think! note: Free HOPLA Links expire after 180 days

Go premium

if you have taken hopla.to for a test drive, and you want to get started with your own domain and have links that never expire, Go premium! Unlike other providers, our premium is completely white-labeled (!) On top of all the features from the FREE, unlimited!

Redirect root domain

redirect your short Root domain to your company website.

Limit Signups

Limit usage to your team’s domain Email. But enjoy unlimited seats!

Custom 404 Page

Load ANY Url As Your Custom 404 Page, design away!

Let’s Compare?

Comparable PlanPremiumPro 50KPremiumBusinessPremium
Monthly Cost$300$249$499$249$99
Links 3,000 / month50,000150,000UnlimitedUnlimited
ClicksUnlimitedUnlimited1,5M (tracked)0 (warning!)Unlimited
Overage Billing??$1 / 2k Tracked$10 / 10k Clicks$10 / million*
Team MembersEnterprise Only?102Unlimited
Av. TTFB100ms500ms350ms700ms100ms
NOTE: we include many features that our competitors call ENTERPRISE, making us up to 10X cheaper. *to avoid abuse of our Generosity

FREE Migration

we know change can be hard, but let us make sure you can continue where you left off. If you signup to a yearly plan we take care of the migration for you free of cost. Once we are done all you need to do is point your domain to its new name Servers and you are good to go!