Being Productive is no longer Rocket Science!

The online space for entrepreneursĀ is saturated with productivity tools, most of them severely limited not to mention expensive. creating your own tools for many sounds like landing on the moon, hence HOPLA Tools was born šŸ™‚

At HOPLA.Online we work with Google Apps, Cloudflare, Trello & slack, amongst many other day-to-day Productivity tools to streamline our online business and remote teams. Over the years we have created many tools build on these platforms to further Increase our productivity and lower our Monthly costs, significantly. HOPLA Tools is an intend to share these tools with the public, in a Plug-and-Play fashion.

HOPLA Tools is based on the Code-as-a-Service principle and runs completely on Serverless infrastructure. We are 100% GDPR compliant because we do not process any of your information on our servers, We do not even have servers! šŸ˜‰

No Coding Knowledge Required.

100% GDPR Compliant

Extends the tools you use & love


So what does Serverless actually mean for you?

In layman's terms, serverless means you do not run reserved server instances for running a service. Instead, you use on-demand resources and only pay for the times you run your code and invoke these resources. In the case of HOPLA Tools, we use the infrastructure of the tools you already use and optimize the use of their generous free-tier, that you already have access to, but probably don't even know about..

What can you expect?

Google Apps

We are a big fan of Google Apps, and many of our scripts are geared towards making Gmail, Calendar, Drive & Forms the most powerful solutions compared to Paid alternatives.

Google Docs

We stopped using Office over a decade ago. All our work is 100% cloud-based, and we leverage Google Add-ons to complete Google Docs and Google Sheets functionality, to the moon!


Our DNS and CDN provider of choice. We wrote Apps that leverage their serverless infrastructure to run industrial grade infrastructures and solutions, plug-and-play, for Pennies!


The glue of the net, allows you to interconnect your favorite tools, automate & streamline your workflows. With our ready-madeĀ templates that beat Paid Alternatives, you skip the learning-curve.


The most popular CMS on the NET, yet still a big hurdle to setup, optimize and manage if that is not your cup of tea! We run a network that is optimized out-of-the-box and lets you focus on your core competencies.Ā 

Server Management

As a 100% remote company we are fond of using Virtual Desktop Infrastructures to increase security and productivity. We have developed many tools to manage, monitor and secure VDI's as alternative to paying 1000'sĀ 

We like to be transparentĀ in everything we doĀ "your trust is our primary concern" we publically share all code that handles sensitive information.


We aim for our tools to be useable by everyone, and to solve day-to-day problems in a simplistic manner with a clean UI and user experience.


We will provide clear developer documentation for shared code snippets, and step-by-step instruction videos for non-programmers.

User Inputs

Your opinion and ideas are important to us, if you have feedback or ideas, please let them be heard. We will review and include them as we can.

Join the Serveless movement and start using our tools today

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